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Lay Down Your Cross


If the strong Black woman is to ever gain visibility, then we need to be strong enough to allow ourselves the opportunity to rest. The implications that we are insurmountable beings have meant that Black women are routinely denied considerations by society. A host of Black feminist thinkers have indicated the unique spaces of oppression which the Black woman has occupied and continues to struggle within because of this institutional neglect. Black women have been the bridge which, not only supports the change that we wish to see, but also maintains the disparaging stereotypes which obstructs our efforts towards self-definition. The frustrations weigh heavily upon Black women, as they are forced to surrender need and charity in order to protect the utility of our families and communities. It is my belief that Black women need to lay down this burden of being everything to everyone, if we have any hope of experiencing the kind of freedom which have been liberally extended to others. Cast-off the shame that has silenced the strong Black woman; there is power to be gained when we stop allowing others to determine our worth.