Table of Contents:

Opening Voices

- Our Voices: Anna Walser with Courtney Gazda, Christopher McNeil, Taryn Mogavero, Sarah Mae Richens, Nicole Posluszny, Emily Tanner, i

- Note from the Editor (Barbara LeSavoy), ii

- Adiposity and Anarchism: Exposing and Examining Fat Oppression in a Capitalist Society (Sarah Mae Richens), 1

- The Color of Postfeminism: Representations of Black and White Women in Popular Music Videos (Anna Walser), 13

More Voices

- The de(Evolution) of the Disney Princesses (Courtney Gazda), 29

- Voices Carry: Understanding Rape Culture's Identity in Society (Nicole Posluszny), 47

- The U.S. Military's Invisible War: Midshipmen Perspectives (Christopher McNeil), 69

- Title IX: What Students Think They Know (Taryn Mogavero), 87

- Girls, Instagram, and the Glamorization of Self-loathing (Emily Tanner), 120

- WMS 421 Spring 2015 Activism Photo Essay, 121