Volume 5, Issue 1 (2016)

Note from the Editor

. . . Dissenting Voices volume five showcases five diverse authors who employ traditional essay format to analyze an array of topics important to the Women and Gender Studies discipline. Opening the volume is a remarkable essay that uses a queer lens to examine ways concepts of female masculinity and male privilege operate in lesbian identity and lesbian relationships. A well-timed critique of cyberbullying in feminist spaces follows, where the author interrogates ways performance of gender norms exacerbates cyberbullying and cyber victimization among women and girls. Centering the volume is an important reading of women and the Black Lives Matter movement where the author considers the significance of past and present Black feminist activism. Bookending the volume is a reflective essay that examines the exclusion of women in the medical field, closing with a powerful writing on body autonomy during pregnancy where the author argues that market and government commodification of reproduction are increasingly stripping women of personhood rights......(Read more below).

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Dissenting Voices Volume 5 Issue 1 (Spring 2016) Complete Issue
Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at The College at Brockport

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Ronieka Burns, Brooke E. Love, Christina Mahagan, Natalia Manhertz, and Brooke A. Ophardt

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WMS 421 Spring 2016 Activism Photo Essay
Women and Gender Studies Senior Seminar at The College at Brockport

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Patricia E. Maxwell, MLS, The College at Brockport
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