Table of Contents

- Our Voices. Ronieka Burns, Brooke Love, Christina Mahagan, Natalia Manhertz, Brooke Ophardt. p. i.

- Note from the Editor (Barbara LeSavoy), p. iii

- Lesbians, Masculinities, and Privilege: The Gendering of Sexuality and the Privileging of Gender. Brooke Love. pp. 1-24.

- Cyberbullying: Feminine Vulnerability in Anonymous Spaces. Christina Mahagan. pp. 25-42.

- Women and the Black Lives Matter Movement: Relevance Past to Present. Ronieka Burns. pp. 43-62.

- Women in Medicine: Exclusions in Practice. Natalia Manhertz. pp. 63-78.

- Body Autonomy During Pregnancy: Where Did It Go? Brooke Ophardt. pp. 79-94.

- WMS 421 Spring 2016 Activism Photo Essay. pp. 95-96.