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This poster will describe the varied ways in which one librarian worked to write and publish peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter. Discover ways to generate research ideas through regular job duties, faculty interactions, coursework, and grants. Creative opportunities abound on a college campus; the harder part is converting these projects into publishable material. Learn how to write about your ideas, as a sole author, co-author, or with a group of authors, and identify appropriate publishing outlets in journals or books. Finish your work and submit the draft. Expect to make revisions and re-submit, and in some cases, to re-write and submit to a different outlet.

The author has published several peer-reviewed articles and a book chapter over the past nine years, as sole author, co-author, and group author. Her article, “Cognitive load theory and library research guides,” was selected as one of the top twenty library instruction articles by the Library Instruction Round Table (ALA) for the year 2010. She has also presented at numerous state and national conferences and realizes that finding the time to convert presentations and projects into an article is a time-consuming, yet rewarding, process.