Date of Award

Spring 2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Department of Counselor Education

First Advisor

Dr. Patricia Goodspeed


This study examines the impact of a five-week post-secondary planning group on 11th grade students perceived readiness for post-secondary plans. Research suggests that post-secondary planning is important for students to understand and discuss as it prepares them for life after they finish high school. The United States continues to undergo rapid and far-reaching changes economically and socially, which results in a changing workplace. These changes are requiring higher levels of achievement and preparation for the emerging workforce. As a result, the students of today will require an education that provides them with academic, career, technical, guidance, and dispositions to be career ready once students graduate from high school (Gysbers, 2013). Research suggests that school counselors are in the position to assist students in the post-secondary planning process. Each group in this study included discussing post-secondary plans. The groups focused on students better understanding themselves, regarding their interests, personal characteristics, and qualities. The group curriculum also focused on educating, researching, and discussing the various options available to students after high school. Results show an increase in perceived readiness for post-secondary plans. Students also reported positive feedback about the group. This study provided further evidence that attention and focus on post-secondary planning can have positive impact on students.