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Master of Science (MS)


Counselor Education


Horticultural therapy as an alternative treatment for adults with Major Depressive Disorder has been shown to be effective as an alternative therapeutic intervention to treat or mediate symptoms of depression. The author will explore its effectiveness on maintaining mental health self-care for adults who are diagnosed with depression. The evaluation of a reciprocal relationship between plant and person and the effective role it has as a therapeutic alternative will also be explored. The research examined proves there is a need for additional research on the effectiveness of horticultural therapy psycho-educational groups. The author will note observable changes in indicators of depression and will summarize the changes in indicators as a method to track group effectiveness. The data analysis presented from the depression inventory, which was given to the 13 adult participant?s in this study, all aged over 21. The results indicate that many depressive symptoms such as feelings of sadness and low mood decreased for participants in this group project.