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Master of Science (MS)


Counselor Education


This study critically explored ways to effectively treat chemically dependent women in a group setting. The author’s findings are supported by research resulting from a literature review. The benefits of utilizing group counseling to treat chemically dependent women are presented along with issues that need to be addressed in a group setting, and the benefits of same-sex groups vs. mixed gender, as well as supplemental counseling methods that can be used to increase positive client outcomes. In addition, the author conducted a survey with female clients who, at the time were in chemical dependency treatment, to determine what psychoeducation topics they believe are beneficial to explore while in therapy. The author concluded that group counseling effectively addresses the needs of chemically dependent women and some of the topics that should be explored in treatment are healthy relationships, loss/grief, trauma and/or abuse, as well as motherhood. Additionally, to keep clients engaged and progressing in treatment, supplemental methods such as giving homework and prize therapy can assist in chemical dependence treatment of women.