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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Counselor Education


There is a subsequent need for college admissions advising for urban, minority, or low income students. Urban high school students typically are ill-prepared and uninformed of some of the key components in the college admissions process such as choosing a college, considering academic programs of study, researching colleges’ GPA and SAT requirements, searching for scholarships, and applying for financial aid. All of which can be determent to students who have aspirations to attend college. Respectively, the lack of information, discussion, and planning are also impediments to student success in the college admissions process. Because of poor planning and preparation in this area, urban high school students often rush applications to schools without giving much thought to what the college may offer, miss deadlines, or fall short of the requirements needed for admission to some colleges. This thesis discusses a strategy that can be used to educate urban students on the college admissions process as well as offer an eight-session model for school counselors to use in college admissions advising.