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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Counselor Education


Recent research has been dedicated to understanding relational aggression and how it impacts females. In this paper the researcher created a survey. The survey focused on the aggressor, the victim, the impact of relational aggression toward friendships, school attendance and the most commonly used relational aggressive behaviors. The survey was administered to forty female students in a suburban High School. Overall, the results of this study suggested that relational aggression had no impact on the selected students friendships or school attendance. However, the students did report that they did not think their school had done everything they can to handle issues related to relational aggression. Results pointed to the need of school staff to address relational aggressive behaviors when students are in their freshman and sophomore year of high school. The students surveyed provided feedback for their teachers, school counselors and administrators on how they would like them to address relational aggression behaviors in their school. Training for the entire staff on relational aggression was also recommended.