Date of Award


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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development

First Advisor

Dr. Robert B. Ribble


In spite of their problems the Migrant Education Program still provides effective assistance to the migrant population. It is surprising to note that many educators have no knowledge of the lifestyle and the educational process that the migrant students have to contend, in order to receive an appropriate education. Sadly, many educators do not know how to address the academic needs of the migrant students in their classroom. Because of this lack of knowledge, the special needs of the migrant child go unmet. Conversely, when a teacher knows he/she has a migrant child in class and sets out to meet the educational needs of the student, the child moves away.

The purpose of this study is to determine the effectiveness of the Migrant Education Program on the state and local level. Interviews with administrators in the Brockport Migrant Program, case studies of two successful former migrant students who came through this program, and a survey of the Fall Night School students will be used to verify the effectiveness of the program in educating the migrant population.


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