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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The current researcher became interested in whether or not the current trend of women earning degrees in higher numbers than men would continue through the early half of the twenty-first century. The researcher was also interested in finding out what subjects the current students are interested in. In order to determine this, the researcher surveyed local seventh and eighth grade students. The researcher was interested in finding ways to get male and female students interested in careers that they would usually not know about or be interested in. One method the researcher surveyed today' s students on was job shadowing and if this would help students decide a career or get them interested in careers they do not know about.

The researcher found out important information throughout this whole study that is important to spread to other educators. The final part of the study is a workshop designed by the researcher that would inform other educators on the history of women in education and on today’s students. Through this workshop, it is the researcher’s desire for current educators to discuss practices they use in the classroom that could impact females ' decision on higher education. Current educators will also have an opportunity to discuss how outside influences, such as media and politics impact a female’s decision to participate in higher education and their career choices. Educators will be provided an exploratory session to brainstorm strategies for working with girls in the classroom. Also included in the session is time to discuss the current curriculum and its positives and negatives toward educating females. Overall, females have made vast improvements in education, but there are always ways to make things better.

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