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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development

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Patricia E. Baker


Study cards are recognized as a useful tool for building vocabulary and general comprehension in secondary school students. However, results from previous studies on their efficacy are mixed. Note-taking is often cited as a superior method, but secondary school students often lack the skills to create the most effective notes. Study cards are an alternative method to note-taking that is easier to utilize. The study investigates information recall in a group of 10th grade Regents biology students. Students in the study group utilize 25 study cards per unit, while the control group rely on other study methods of their own choosing. Based on a pre- and post-test evaluation of information recall, the results show only a minor improvement using study cards over other methods. The results are not statistically significant, and therefore do not support the efficacy of study cards as an educational technology.

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