Date of Award

Summer 1996

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development

First Advisor

Betsy Ann Balzano

Second Advisor

Linda Schloner


Homework is a major part of a student’s educational program. Failure to keep up on homework can make it difficult for a student to succeed in school. This study evaluates the effectiveness of a Homework Support System developed to improve the academic progress of all students who have ineffective study and work habits. Eighth grade students in the program voluntarily stayed after school two days a week to receive support from faculty. A randomly selected group of these students were surveyed and interviewed to ascertain their views on the program and on skills needed for success. Attendance, letter grades, and effort grades were collected and compared. The study group of students overall did not show an improvement in grades and/or effort after attending the Homework Support System, with levels of growth largely depending on a student’s strong attendance. However, the qualitative responses were more positive, revealing the importance of parental support in academic achievement as well as a generally positive student attitude towards the program. Anecdotal evidence in the interviews also suggests that students felt they improved their study and homework skills while participating in the program. Therefore, programs like the Homework Support System should be maintained as a means to provide guidance for students as well as a quiet place for students to focus on homework.