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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This research study focused on the relationship between physical activity in the classroom and students' time-on-task behavior. Students' levels of on- and off-task behavior were compared during typical school days and days in which students received some sort of physical activity instruction. A total of three classes of approximately fifty students were used in data collection through observations and individual student interviews . The resulting data contributed answers to the following questions: Does increased physical activity through movement in classroom lessons provide students with an alternative lesson format that increases their time-on-task, when combined with the usual amounts of physical education and outdoor recess they receive in school? What are the positive and negative outcomes of student experiences with the integration of physical activity into the classroom environment? The study found that overall students ' time-on-task increased after physical education and physical classroom-based lesson activities . It was also demonstrated that both male and female students spend at least some time playing outside after schools and on weekends, as well as spend sometime participating in sedentary indoor activities such as video games or watching television.

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