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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


Throughout the course of this study students will participate in a variety of different literacy activities. These activities are events where students will participate in a writing assignment that is meant to connect the mathematics that they are learning to previous mathematical experiences, their personal lives, and/or the rest of the world, hense allowing the students to grow.

For this study, I am using literacy activities, which I will define as writing activities meant to assist the students in organizing their learning and create active involvement in class related activities. Some activities to be used are math journals, tickets out the door, vocabulary developing charts and organizers, the word wall, writing assignments, and guided reading worksheets to clarify the textbook reading.

The significance of this problem is that many math classrooms remain "traditional." Many teachers revert back to what is easiest of most familiar, lecture and practice without considering the student and their need to grow. Students also suffer from the condition of not liking mathematics. Through this research and study, I hope to find that when a teacher adds literacy activities to a classroom, that the students develop a greater appreciation for mathematics. In a study by Elizabeth Moje, she found increased student interest, increased confidence and a realization that one subject differs from another and different learning styles and methods are needed.


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