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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The purpose of this six week study was to investigate how elementary teachers craft their literacy instruction during a whole group 90-minute reading block to support students who struggle with reading. I designed this study of seven classroom teachers to parallel my personal philosophy that all students can learn how to read. As a new special education and consultant teacher I struggled with effective ways to plan my reading lessons to accommodate the range of students, particularly those students who struggle with reading and writing. Conducting this study has given me a better understanding of some of the processes teachers use to plan, implement, and support students who struggle with reading and writing during whole group instruction. I am now better able to support my students who struggle because I have learned new strategies, skills, and techniques.

The experience of researching a topic that is relevant to my current teaching practices helped me improve and build upon my researching skills. During the process of conducting this study, I enhanced my researching skills such as effective data collection, analysis, and synthesis, and I learned effective qualitative research methods and ethical practices that I anticipate that I will use in future research projects.

I believe that because of the findings from this research I am now a more effective observer of classroom instruction especially as it relates to supporting students who struggle with reading, which I anticipate will help me be more purposeful and knowledgeable in my future literacy instruction. Through the research process I built relationships with my new colleagues, which will be beneficial for my professional development and success as a teacher.

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