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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The purpose of my study was to explore common factors that may have contributed to young adolescents developing or not developing a love for reading. In order to do this, I developed three research questions.

1) How many eighth grade students in my study identify themselves as readers or non-readers?

2) For those who identify themselves as readers or non-readers, what are some common factors reported including friends, family, reading habits, and leisure activities?

3) Are there any differences between the social environment of readers and non-readers?

Through a primarily qualitative study (which also includes some quantitative measures) I questioned eighth grade students about their leisure reading attitudes and habits. My goal was to identify those who engage in leisure reading and those who do not. With this information, I looked for common factors to see if there were any trends among either group (readers or non-readers) which may have contributed to those in that group choosing or not choosing to read leisurely. The findings and implications from this study would benefit those in the education field including teachers, librarians, principals, parents, and students.