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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This thesis contains the historiography of nuclear age, from the first atomic bombs through the use of nuclear energy today. It then explores the effect of popular culture on the nuclear age, through the use of films, media, and publications. It then suggests two teaching strategies: video reflections and student reflections, and document based learning and includes worksheets and lesson plans. It ends with bibliographies to assist in further research.

Attached here as additional files are several Power Point presentations, and a student worksheet.


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Atomic Clock PPT 3.pptx (1661 kB)
Powerpoint to show the Atomic Clock

Keeping Up with the Jone's PPT 2.pptx (443 kB)
Powerpoint to show Build Up of Nuclear Forces

Nuclear Energy PPT 4.pptx (1069 kB)
Powerpoint discussing Reactions to nuclear power

War is Hell PPT 1.pptx (603 kB)
Power Point discussing How the Nuclear Age Came Into Being

We’re Not Out of the Woods Yet! PPT 5.pptx (5499 kB)
A summation Power Point

motion_picture_analysis_worksheet.pdf (223 kB)
Worksheet to go with the films

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