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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development

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Dong-shin Shin


Technology plays a large part in students’ literacy learning. Technology affects motivation to learn and influences quality of work on a literacy task; in this case, reading and writing. This study examined the relationship between students’ attitudes, participation, and quality of work with regards to technology. Two sixth graders from a public school in Western New York were given a survey, interview about technology, and were observed daily over a six week time period. Writing pieces were collected without using technology and then with using technology as well as an online learning community. All of the data collected were cross analyzed. The results indicated that students’ attitudes, motivation, participation and quality of work increased with technological resources. Students were more apt to submit assignments online and their grades rose using different digital literacy web 2.0 tools. Recommendations for future research include attending professional workshops and Webinars on new technology and to consider using online learning communities like Edmodo to supplement reading and writing within the class.

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