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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


In all fifty states, in urban and suburban schools, from kindergarten to college girls are outperforming boys in all subject areas. The achievement gap between girls and boys is widening and boys are falling further and further behind. This study was conducted to research teaching strategies that can be used to teach boys effectively. A questionnaire was administered to a total of five middle school teachers who currently teach at an all-boys school. The questionnaire included teaching strategies and participants were to rate each one to determine the most effective strategy and least effective strategy (out of the strategies given).

The results from the questionnaire indicated that using multiple forms of directions and the use of visuals were the two strategies that the participants found to be most effective when teaching boys. The other strategies were less effective, some more than others. It is important for every child to learn, no matter what gender. It is apparent that boys are not measuring up to girls at all levels and subjects. As a result, teachers need to learn what strategies work best with boys in order to be more effective in the classroom. Overall, more research needs to be conducted in the area of boys' education. A larger participant group would enhance this study greatly and also administering it in different settings and levels.

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