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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


In the classroom, attending to what is being taught and staying on task are essential in reaching a student's full academic potential. Many students, however, struggle to independently focus and stay on task in the classroom. This results in students who are not learning to their full capabilities, with the possibility of falling behind academically. Teachers need a solution in order to help these students spend more of their time on task. This study examines the process of self monitoring as a solution to this problem. Two first grade students were taught to use self monitoring procedures during literacy center time for five weeks. Students understood that they would be responsible for rating their behavior every fifteen minutes. Students rated their behavior for each time interval by circling a smiling face (yes, I was on task) or a straight across face (no, I was not on task). Results showed that self monitoring helped each student to increase their on task time and amount of work completed. In addition, both students were less disruptive to themselves and their classmates during the intervention period. An exit interview given at the conclusion.of the study found that both students enjoyed using self monitoring and would like to continue using it to stay on task during future literacy center work periods.