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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


For many years, the minority group of Native Americans and their changing role in our society throughout national history has been overlooked in Social Studies classrooms. This thesis project examines Native American history in the United States-its revisionist aspects as well as exemption from many instructional sources. Through an historical lens, the literature research examines the current information available to teachers and students with regard to Native Americans as they are positioned throughout the United States national timeline. Taking into consideration the roles of Native Americans in the Revolutionary War and early American period through present day, the discussion encompasses the losses, both past and present, of culture, respect, and ultimately, sovereignty for this people. It highlights many of the contributions made by leaders of this indigenous population as well as the problems incurred from their mistreatment. In addition to the research, and in response to the lack of authentic information available on this topic, a comprehensive lesson plan is included to enrich current models of middle school American history coursework. The lessons include teacher aids, visuals, student worksheets and information packets. The course outline and lesson plans follow the Thematic Strands and National Standards of the NCSS, as well as New York State’s Core Curriculum.


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