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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


Through my research, I will explore the notion of family literacy. Students' early literacy experiences don't suddenly begin when they start their first year of schooling. What happens from the time children are born until they reach their first year at school? Early literacy experiences begin at home where children explore diverse family literacy experiences. The objective of my project is to take a closer look at students' home literacy experiences. More specifically, I will be focusing on how when one discovers children's home literacy environments and experiences it may offer opportunities to enhance learning during their first year of schooling.

Family literacy is the way in which parents, children, and extended family members use literacy at home and in their communities (Flippo, 2003). Denny Taylor first used the term 'family literacy' in 1983. Family literacy can be perceived differently by many. Some may look at family literacy in regards to educational professionals fostering parents' knowledge about preparing their children for success in school. Others may view family literacy as the literacy events that children have with their families and communities. I am looking at the later to explore how these literacy experiences at home may differ from literacy experiences explored at school. Families and their children share funds of knowledge that teachers can discover and integrate into the classroom community.

In my research plan I utilize home visits and interviews to discover new and meaningful ways to incorporate students' home experience to school to create a more developmentally appropriate learning environment.