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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


Reading development, more specifically fluency instruction, along with the implications that it has on a student’s future, has always been an important aspect of language acquisition. Until recently, explicit fluency instruction has often been overlooked as classroom reading lessons focus on decoding and reading comprehension. A lack of reading fluency tends to be a predictor of other reading problems that emerge later. This thesis project explores the components and impact of a fluency-based intervention for students at-risk for reading difficulties and those with special needs, utilizing Readers' Theatre scripts and the Fluency Development Workshop, to aid in increased student success. The literature review examines several definitions of fluency and why reading fluency has not been stressed in curriculum. It also analyzes reading fluency theories and compares and contrasts the various attributes of fluent versus non-fluent readers with regard to repeated reading theory and its benefits. The five week active research project focuses on improving the oral reading fluency and comprehension of five fourth grade students from an urban school district in Western New York. The project utilizes a designed fluency intervention that incorporates Readers' Theatre scripts and the Fluency Development Workshop (FDW) which uses repeated readings to engage student participation while providing a model of fluent reading on a daily basis. Pre-assessments were administered using the DIBELS Oral Reading Fluency scale. Multidimensional Fluency Scale tests were also performed at the beginning and end of the research phase along with student self-assessment checklists. Conclusions drawn from project data align with current research on explicit teaching of fluency instruction and affirm the importance and efficacy of fluency-based intervention to improve students' reading fluency. Additionally, self-assessment data highlights improved student engagement and attitude towards reading aloud in participatory settings.


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