Date of Award

Fall 12-13-2013

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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development

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Dr. Mary Corey


Citizens of Rochester, like all Americans, found their lives interrupted in some manner by the events of the Civil War. Many men went off to perform their patriotic duty and fight to save the Union while the women of Rochester saw their roles change as they circumstances dictated that they had to take care of more of the duties of men at home as well as support the volunteers in battle. The war dominated local newspapers and politics and new organizations and charities appeared across the American landscape to help citizens meet the needs of a long, bloody battle.

This paper will look at the historiography of causes of the war, beginning with those who helped bring about the conflict. It will look at the citizens of Rochester and the important role they played in the Underground Railroad and abolitionist movement, highlight some of the greatest achievements and embarrassing moments of volunteers from Rochester, and look at what citizens who remained at home did to support those who went off to war. Finally, this paper will discuss ways in which teachers can teach about the Civil War using primary documents, with an eye towards local contributions as well as provide some resources for accomplishing this.

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