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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


In recent years, the United States has been struggling to keep abreast with international competition in terms of scientific development. This trend has led researchers to study why students abandon scientific majors in favor of pursuing nonscientific degrees and what can be done to attract students to and retain them in scientific fields of study. This thesis project focuses specifically on Peer-Led Team Learning Workshops (PLTLW) and their effectiveness in not only helping students learn course material but providing them with the motivation to finish with scientific degrees. It also explores the differences in participating in a PLTLW as a student versus a workshop leader. The research for this project was conducted at the College at Brockport using eight female students and four female leaders enrolled in a general chemistry course. The researcher participated in the study as well as observing and concluded that leaders benefitted from the PLTLW more than students did.


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