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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The purpose of this research is to explain the benefits of using multimodal texts in a classroom environment. So much emphasis is placed on fluency, accuracy of words read, expression and pace. While these elements are crucial for successful readers, I aim to suggest that a reader can demonstrate reading behaviors with wordless picture books. Students generate a storyline, and feel ownership toward the book because they have connection. Every student will notice various details and not everyone's story will be alike. The research questions that will be answered in my work are 1) How can a teacher use wordless picture books to spark imagination and engage students in the writing process?; 2) In what ways can a teacher assess student comprehension while using wordless picture books?; and 3) How can teachers keep students motivated through use of the multimodal text and throughout the writing process? There were two focal students that participated in this four week long study. They attend a public, suburban school in Upstate New York. These students are in a fourth grade 12-1-1 Special Education setting. Both students had a teaching assistant that differentiated instruction for them in all content areas. They have low motivation and confidence in regards to school work. Results of this study suggest that implementation of wordless picture books and other multimodal texts are very beneficial in any classroom setting. I recommend that fellow teachers include all varieties of books in their libraries, regardless of students' reading level.