Date of Award

Spring 5-23-2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development

First Advisor

Dr. Carole Pelttari


The purpose of this study was to identify the benefits and limitations of the Leveled Literacy Intervention System developed by authors and researchers Irene Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. The benefits and limitations that were identified as a result of this study were from the perspective of the professional administering this intervention. Data collection for this study included video and audio taped sessions of three fourth grade students who participated in the Leveled Literacy Intervention System, surveys completed by reading specialists who have administered this intervention, and student surveys. Another purpose of this study was to further investigate the compliance of the Leveled Literacy Intervention System with the tiered framework of Response to Intervention, as mandated by the school district where the data was collected.

Included in

Education Commons