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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The consideration of the benefits and challenges of inclusive education is more than the latest educational trend. It is an ongoing topic of study and conversation for both educators and parents. As the educational community seeks to acknowledge and serve multiple learning styles and differently-abled students, the debate continues whether an inclusive educational setting is advantageous or detrimental to student’s academic achievement, for both students with and without any disability. This thesis project examines the current research on inclusion education through careful examination of the legislative history, pedagogical approaches, and assessment of the various benefits and obstacles to inclusive educational practices. The research notes that the value of a partnership between a fully prepared and educated teaching staff, administrator support, and parental involvement affects inclusive program gains, and that the roles and attitudes of educators, administrators, parents, and the students themselves, as each has bearing on the success of any given inclusive method, is paramount. Study conclusions state that “inclusion is a philosophy of acceptance and diversity” that must be “embraced” in order to achieve both positive social interaction and academic achievement.

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