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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This study describes the experience of implementing a creative movement lesson in a special education classroom. The lesson was videotaped for further analysis by the researcher, and students were interviewed by the researcher following the lesson to detail their feelings about the experience. The researcher hoped to identify perceived successes and note possible challenges for the instructor and students when implementing a creative movement lesson.

Participants in this study were 3rd-5th grade students from a suburban elementary school in Western, NY. The district serves primarily working, middle class families, and all participants were in the mid to low socio-economic range. Each participant received special education services in a 12: 1 : 1 classroom setting. In this setting, the amount of adult support is maximized for students' academic needs because there is a ratio of 12 students to 1 teacher and 1 teaching assistant, and the class size cannot exceed 12 students. Disability classifications for the students included learning disability, speech language impairment and other health impairment. Student participants did not present with any physical disabilities or restrictions.