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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The Effect of Family Literacy on Kindergarten Success study took place in a rural school district located in western New York. Five students were randomly chosen out of a kindergarten class that contained sixteen students. Parent surveys, a teacher interview and four classroom observations were conducted in order to collect research. Data was analyzed and four conclusions were made. Conversation is an important part of students' success in kindergarten. Parents included creative responses when answering what types of literacy activities they participate in with their children. Few parents reported daily reading and writing activities with their children. Lastly, it was concluded that the choices that students make during free play correlate with the activities that they participate in at home with their families. This study provided an opportunity for the researcher to see the important role that family literacy plays in kindergarten success as well as seek out ways of how to make family literacy known in the homes of her future students.