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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


American schools have been outperformed when compared to schools of other nations. Key components posited include a shorter academic year, societal issues, and educators themselves. This thesis project examines performance on the National Teacher Exam (NTE) core battery for students of State University College (SUC) Brockport and compares them to the New York State average. The study includes data from 504 students graduating from Brockport between August, 1987; December, 1987; June, 1988; August, 1988; December, 1988, and June, 1989. The students were separated into groups including those who are four-year undergraduates of Brockport, students with less than 30 hours of transferred credits, and transfer students who completed a major part of their preparatory program at Brockport.

The NTE is composed of three areas including communication skills, general knowledge, and professional knowledge. Taking the average of the percentage of passing students for each test date, with the exception of June 1987, when the data was not available, the study found that Brockport students do better than the state average in all three areas. Specific groups which had relevant training at Brockport performed even better. The study conclusions suggest that Brockport was better at preparing its students for the NTE exam than the statewide average during the time that was examined.


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