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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


Based on observations of interactions between parents and teachers, the researcher developed the question, what are the perceptions of parents, general education teachers and the special education consultant teacher at a small suburban school, part of a school district in Western New York, on the success or failure of the levels of collaboration? The participants were comprised of parents of fourth and fifth grade students. About twenty-one percent of this population included parents of students with disabilities. Participants also included teachers of fourth or fifth grade. After reviewing the data, the researcher concluded that teachers feel that they possess the skills to include parents in their· child's education. The parents would like to communicate with teachers more. They expressed wanting to communicate with teachers monthly and when needed. More parents prefer a written log for communication, including e-mail. Having this knowledge is critical because parents are an important part of the education process.


Personal information not relating to content was redacted from the thesis to preserve the privacy of the individual.