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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


For the purpose of this study we will examine why studying art and artifacts is an important m anner in which to study history. The focus of art and artifacts will on Native Americans. We will observe why items of art and artifacts are keys to studying the past and why they are important when it comes to studying the history of Native Americans. Furthermore, w e will dive into the lives of Native Americans across the United States by studying their art and architecture. What do these items tell us about Native American history? Why it was important to Native Americans then and why is it important to students of history today. We will also find meaning in how to teach social studies using art and artifacts. How historians choose to study history is as in1portant as how teachers choose to teach history. We will study how teaching history using art and artifacts instead of just textual resources is critical to the education o f young students and future historians.

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