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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


Independent student science research projects are an invaluable component of secondary school level science. Often students do science projects which will be exhibited in a science fair. There is much discussion in the literature of pros and cons of science fairs. There is also much consensus on the value of long term independent student science research projects.

The purpose of this investigation is to focus on how long term student science research projects are conducted at several local schools, to review the purposes and problems involved in science fairs, and to collect techniques and methods for easing the burden on teachers and maximizing the value for students.

I propose to do a literature search which will describe the history of science fairs and student research projects. I will gather various approaches to providing students with science research opportunities. I will assess the needs and characteristics of Webster High School and make a recommendation for the most satisfactory method to incorporate student science research without burdening teachers or students, and how such projects can, in fact, enhance the science curriculum.