Date of Award

Fall 12-3-2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development

First Advisor

Dr. Carol Wade


As our nation is in a time of educational reform, a curriculum project on Expressions and Equations in the Mathematics 7 curriculum is appropriate as it is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

The created study of Expressions and Equations in Mathematics 7 addresses the New York State Standards from the Expressions and Equations Domain and includes student learning objectives that demonstrate understanding of solving equations through a modeling approach. Studies have concluded that when students are able to touch and manipulate mathematics, they learn best (Raymond & Leinenbach, 2000). A table of contents is provided for easy access to each lesson plan, worksheets, and assessments needed for the 9-day unit plan. In addition, each lesson plan includes the goal for the lesson, the instructional outcomes, and the New York State Common Core Learning Standards that are addressed.

The validity of this curriculum project was assessed by the author of the unit plan as the created lessons were implemented in the author’s classroom in October 2014. Furthermore, the validity of the curriculum project was measured by two cooperating veteran teachers that critiqued the unit plan though a questionnaire.

The paradigm shift from the NCTM standards to the Common Core State Standards provides opportunities for educators to re-design their teaching in the classroom; this curriculum project on Expressions and Equations is created to be a resource to aid in this shift.