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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


In this study, I investigated how the integration of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Power Point and Kidspiration into writing workshop influenced the writing processes and abilities of my second graders. They were provided with an open-ended writing project and had the opportunity to decide which computer program would be the most effective for presenting their writing. I used anecdotal notes and interviews to gain insight into several students' thinking, primarily focusing on their decision making regarding the use of the computer programs, the process of using the computer program he/she selected, and his/her reflections on the quality of the final product. I also used a rubric to evaluate the quality of work that was produced with the use of 12 the computer programs. The students had an opportunity to self-assess their work, and then we discussed their results compared with mine, according to the rubric. This six week study was an opportunity for me to help my students become more informed users of these computer programs, and begin to think critically about their uses.

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