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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This final project reflects the research of an urban middle school mathematics teacher to improve the motivation and performance of his eighth grade students using a variety of proven techniques, including eliciting positive attitudes and perceptions toward mathematics and the educational process. The study of attribution theory and the use of rewards and incentives can be useful when trying to elicit positive attitudes and perceptions from students. Teaching in an urban setting presents many challenges, but it is the challenge that motivates and makes it an exciting place to teach.

The research section is followed by a series of sixteen lesson plans and a unit test on Volume and Surface Area in the Math 8 curriculum. In addition to the Lesson Topic, NYS Learning Standards, Key Idea, Lesson Preparation including Warm up and Work Time, Assessment and Homework, the first lesson plan includes some of the things that teachers should think about while preparing lesson plans.


Abstract created by repository to aid in discovery.

Capstone project from 2004.