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Master of Science (MS)


Education and Human Development


Recent studies show a definite connection between graded homework and increased performance. Also, correlations have been detected between performance and increased attendance at the secondary level. This study tested and evaluated 50 Non-Regents students in the City School District of Rochester and their responses to varied treatments of homework strategy to determine if the students reacted more favorably to one type over another. The data was collected in three areas: (1) performance, (2) attitude, and (3) attendance. Analysis at the 0.05 level of significance showed differences in means for the attitude construct, enjoyment of mathematics, and performance. Although the analysis detected these statistically significant differences, the increases were attributed to the group whose treatment had not been changed since the beginning of the school year. No conclusive statements could be made regarding the relationship between homework strategies and the variables tested. An unexpected outcome was the data to reinforce the characteristics of these particular students, i.e., the sensitivity to changes in program used in classroom management.

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