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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


In an effort to understand and improve the reading ability and group dynamics in an elementary classroom, this thesis project examines several questions regarding the potential interaction of learning practices and social skills. The overarching question – How can guided reading groups affect student achievement in reading? Secondary inquiries centered on how scaffolding instruction aids comprehension in reading and fluency, and what happens to student attitudes when working cooperatively in small, level-based, reading groups. The literature review examines the various methods and practices in guided reading instruction including collaborative and cooperative group instruction, reading workshops, reading journals, and graphic organizers. The research study was conducted over a six month time span in a fourth grade, inclusive classroom. Data was collected using pre and post student surveys, running records and various reading assessments, Benchmark Assessment tools primarily. Conclusions noted that the use of intentional guided reading groups aided in student achievement and reading literacy as well as the development of social skills.