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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The purpose of this study is two-fold:

1) to present a questionnaire that can be used to evaluate a child's language situation during an interim assessment of a bilingual program. Questions deal with language use in the domains of home, school and neighborhood and with attitudes toward Spanish and English, and toward bilingual education in general and a specific bilingual program. A self-report by the pupil is involved.

2) to present, via this instrument, a sociolinguistic profile of the 3 pupils in the bilingual program, grades 4 - 6, at Martin Luther King, Jr. School #9 in Rochester, New York.

The survey will be the result of the pupils' assessment of their language situation. In addition to the descriptive profile of language use, an analysis of relationships that exist between the types of attitudinal responses and the factors of sex (male - female), birthplace (Puerto Rico - Mainland USA) and number of years in the bilingual program (1 - 7 years of a K - 6 program possibility) will be made.

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