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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The purpose of this thesis was to develop a set of guidelines for listening instruction in grades four through six. The review of research focused on determining whether elementary speech education has changed over the years and whether guidelines and resources are currently available to support speech communication instruction in the elementary schools. In reviewing the research it became evident that throughout the years educators have agreed that there is a need for more speech communication instruction at the elementary level. It was found that the skill areas stressed in the 1970's are different from those stressed in the 1940's, however, there continued to be a lack of specific guidelines and learning resources to implement instruction. A significant source examined in the review was the book Communication Competence in Children, edited by Allen and Brown. They identified thirteen categories of speech communication instruction and thirty-five core objectives for use at the elementary school level.

It was decided to select one category (listening and using core objectives related to listening, specific guidelines and learning resources were developed to facilitate listening instruction in the elementary school (grades four through six).