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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This study was conducted in an urban elementary school in Western New York. The researcher, who was an intern in a fourth grade classroom, was interested jn determining if and how Readers' Theater might affect reading fluency in struggling readers. The students in the study exhibited a range of reading levels, but all struggled with fluency. Before beginning Readers' Theater, the researcher assessed the students for fluency. Specifically, students were tested for automaticity, accuracy and prosody. The researcher then implemented a Readers' Theater program for a total of ten weeks. The students participated in the program three days a week for one hour each time. They were assessed for fluency two more times during this ten-week period. The students showed improvement in both automaticity and prosody. Little improvement was shown in accuracy. Readers' Theater also appeared to be an engaging and motivating activity in the classroom and was favored by most students.