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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This study investigated the factors that influence the academic performance of learning disabled students in an urban science classroom. The research focused on a group of six learning disabled sixth grade students. Student self-perceptions, levels of motivation, and locus of control served as the primary concentrations of the research study. Data was collected using an Academic Performance Questionnaire, weekly performance reflections, Studying Reflections, weekly observations, and student interviews. Findings indicate that LD students maintain a high overall self-concept despite inconsistent perceptions of their performance from week to week. LD students display less motivation than their unclassified peers, as evidenced by a lack of participation and engagement in class instruction. A final difference emerged between LD students and their peers in the area of locus of control, where LD students were more likely to blame failure on external factors that are beyond their control.


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