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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This research attempted to investigate how integrating mathematics-based children's literature into the Investigations curriculum impacts students' acquisition of mathematical concepts and vocabulary in more natural, familiar, and meaningful contexts. The researcher collected data from twelve third-grade students in an urban school to find out how the integration of mathematics-based children's literature affected students' interest in math, understanding of mathematical vocabulary, concepts and content of math literature and curriculum. The researcher used student surveys, pre- and post-tests, Math Literature Center worksheets, teacher journal, and daily choice time logs to collect data. The data was analyzed to find generalizations about the impact of integrating mathematics-based children's literature into the Investigations curriculum. Based on the generalizations found integrating mathematics-based children's literature seems to spark students' interest in mathematics, influence student understanding of mathematical vocabulary, and receives positive responses from students on concepts and content of the literature.


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