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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


This study investigated teachers’ attitudes towards their personal writing using the Linn writing attitude scale. The researcher classified twelve elementary teachers as either perceived positive (6) or negative (6) in their attitudes towards their writing. The researcher then evaluated the teachers using the Linn writing attitude scale to see if their scores matched the researcher’s initial perceptions. Two independent district personnel were chosen as interraters to evaluate the twelve teachers using the researcher’s methods in order to establish data reliability. Of the twelve teachers, only two were found to have writing attitudes that did not match the researcher’s/interraters’ initial perceptions (both were more positive than expected). Error in the researcher’s/interraters’ pre-assessment could account for this discrepancy. After the evaluation, the researcher followed up with four of the twelve teachers to determine their reactions to the attitude scale. Of the four, only one expressed dissatisfaction with the exercise. The author suggests that further research should be conducted into whether or not teachers’ personal attitudes towards writing affect their approach in teaching it to their students.


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