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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The background of a learning disabled student is profiled with specific details of his varied educational programs. Included is a review of literature concerning learning disabilities as they relate to self-concept, writing attitudes, ability and overall achievement. The purpose of this case study was to investigate the relationship of R's self-concept to his writing disability and his non-achievement in school. Family history, educational placements, academic, standardized, and diagnostic tests as well as anecdotal comments were reviewed in an attempt to break down his pattern of failure. There appears to be a strong correlation between R's ' achievement level and his lack of academic self-esteem. Although many attempts have been to remediate the writing disability and reduce the writing anxiety, R has not been receptive. Until R is willing to tackle this head-on, there appears to be little chance of reversing the pattern. Further research into young students' perceptions of their academic abilities, the development of self-esteem groups, and alternative teaching strategies was suggested. Appendices include samples of R's writing, strategies for lessening writing anxiety, and tips for helping students with writing anxiety.