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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


The purpose of this study was to determine perceptions of some school personnel regarding the Breakfast and Lunch Programs in their elementary schools. Also, the purpose of investigating the perceptions of current school personnel was to determine if the findings concur with existing research. The findings of this study were compared to previous research data, which focuses on the school personnel comments regarding their perceptions of what is considered a quality School Breakfast and Lunch Program in their elementary school. This study includes a research-designed questionnaire, which was administered to 67 voluntary participants in a city school district in western New York. The respondents in this study were asked to complete the questionnaire by choosing the responses that best reflect their perceptions about the statements provided. Responses ranged from "agree" to "disagree". Additional space for comments was provided. The findings in this study indicate that some school personnel seem to have a good concept of what constitutes a quality School Breakfast and Lunch Program. In analyzing the data from the questionnaires in this study, 93% of the nurses agreed that the school breakfast and lunches served in their elementary school are healthy sources of nutrition for students. Another interesting analysis is that a 21% difference in agreement was calculated among nurses and teachers regarding poor nourishment being a problem in their school (Nurses 53% and Teachers 74%). Therefore, though many school personnel seem to understand what constitutes a good School Breakfast and Lunch Program they recognize that their school does not fully meet the nutritional standards.