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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Education and Human Development


All schools rely on substitute teachers to provide teaching coverage when full-time teachers experience sickness or personal issues. The purpose of this this study is to use the data in the creation of a “Substitute Teacher Handbook” for East Irondequoit School District to act as a reference for substitute teachers when facing the demands of their job. To accomplish this, the author created and administered a survey of 23 East Irondequoit substitute teachers. He found that 95% felt that a handbook of this nature would be helpful, while more than 80% expressed that substitute teachers should be able to keep the handbook as a ready personal reference. Substitutes suggested a number of topics for inclusion, including District Philosophy, salary schedules, drill and attendance policies, information about the student body, lists of administrative personnel, use of AV equipment, and a map of the school district. The researcher found that while the challenges faced by substitute teachers are very different from those faced by regular teachers, substitute teachers are still required to assume regular teachers’ roles for the duration of their stay. He noted the lack of written direction provided to substitutes, as well as substitutes’ perception that such direction is invaluable. Appendices include a draft of the information to be included in the handbook.


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